We use a large number of cargo and combi aircraft to support our own global operations, and our personnel is very familiar with routing, payloads and scheduling.


Our project managers are licenced aircraft dispatchers. Their input can prove invaluable to the success of your mission. AYR offers a complete range of charters: full charters, part charters and backloads.


Contact us with your cargo-transportation needs, and our competent staff will tailor a charter package for you.

We are renowned in the cargo charter market, HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions delivers reliable and cost-effective air cargo charter services for:

Heavy and outsize pieces

Oil and gas equipment

Automotive cargo

High value commodities

Aerospace equipment

Peacekeeping support

Humanitarian relief cargo

Dangerous goods

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations


We are not just charter brokers, but aircraft owners and operators. Our operating experience on several continents has a direct impact on not only our choosing a suitable aircraft to transport your cargo; one of our in-country experts can also assist you with cargo preparation, packaging, loading/unloading, warehousing and customs clearance.


We analyse route, payload and timescale in order to propose the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We offer part-charters, backloads and other commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season and project cargo.


During the last decade HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions has built a reputation as one of the premier cargo charter companies in Africa. We are able to respond and react to changes at short notice, whilst still providing a safe, reliable and professional service, using personnel and equipment based in one of our strategic freight forwarding hubs


We can provide pre-flight advice on packaging requirements, customs and warehousing, and supervise aircraft loading and unloading. We can also coordinate arrangements for specialist equipment, including cranes and custom-built loading structures.

Time critical, outsize, hazardous - however substantial or complex the freight you need to take flight, and whenever you need it to be, you can rely on HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions to get it there on time and on budget. Military Cargo, Medical supplies to Mogadishu? Tyres to Tyrol? Drill bits to Dar es Salaam? We are the perfect partner to take the weight off your shoulders.


Whatever the size, whatever the shape, and wherever you need your cargo to be flown, HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions has the expertise, global network and 24/7 support to make sure it gets there safely, securely, on time and on budget.



Some of the biggest names in the energy industry rely on HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions to deliver the goods in some of the most challenging situations imaginable.



Transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials, you need to rely on a safe pair of hands, experienced at all the possible risks involved. That’s exactly what you get with HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions.



HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions unrivalled experience, advanced technical support and vast continental reach make us the first (and only) choice for numerous governments and aid organisations for air charter flights to deliver disaster relief and humanitarian aid worldwide.



Small, medium, large, outsize, extra capacity, time critical. If you need them transporting anywhere on the globe, Air Partner can help you with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency.



When it absolutely, positively, definitely has to be there safe, secure and in one piece, Air Partner is there for you to rely on every step of the way.



Time is money. It’s also reputation – ours and yours. That’s why we provide secure, time critical, door-to-door delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide 24/7.



To fly heavy freight and outsize cargo anywhere in the world, turn to the specialists – HCR Ilanga Aviation Solutions.


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