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Is your home or business in need of refurbishment, redecoration or repair? Look no further than HCR ILANGA CONSRUCTION SERVICES.

HCR ILANGA CONSRUCTION SERVICES is a reliable and friendly company working with homeowners, landlords and businesses across the West Rand. With our experienced team of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, interior experts, project managers and other specialist tradesmen, we willingly tackle jobs of all sizes and descriptions.


HCR ILANGA CONSRUCTION SERVICES  takes on new and varied tasks, from fixing leaky taps to large scale residential renovations. Examples of typical jobs we undertake include fitting bathrooms, remodelling kitchens, interior design, tiling walls, electrical work etc., all of which are carried out reliably and accurately by tradesmen. We offer custom work in addition to straightforward repairs and touch-ups, incorporating any special requests or existing materials that you wish to provide. If you're not sure if your job or project is covered by our diversity of expertise, give us a call. In the unlikely event that we can't help, we'll recommend someone reliable.

Improve Your Property's Appeal

With interior and exterior services available for all properties, you can benefit from a high quality tailored finish to add instant value and appeal to your home or business. HCR ILANGA CONSRUCTION SERVICES specialises in work for homeowners and landlords wishing to sell or rent properties or increase their market value.


Contacting HCR Construction Services

Simply get in touch with the details of the work you require, and we'll send out the best person (or people, depending on the size of your project) for the job. We offer easy, open communication as standard and only employ friendly and approachable professionals.


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