About the Company

HCR ILANGA Security Services’ ethic is to ensure your peace of mind by providing the highest quality security service possible. To achieve this we carefully select our staff to suit the company culture and ethics of putting our client's security first. Furthermore we also give superior training and foster

team-work and unity. To encourage staff loyalty we elect to give preference to selecting staff from the local communities. Staff initiatives, Team building meetings are held to encourage staff to put forward ideas and suggestions to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the staff and company. Future initiatives will include skills development and incentive programs to allow for staff to find their niche within HCR ILANGA Security. It will also encourage personal growth and self-confidence.


We are committed to integrity and transparency.


Secure solutions

As well as manned security – human guards guarding something – which accounts for over 90% of the company's “secure solutions” work, HCR Ilanga Security Services provides a range of other 'security' services, an increasingly broad definition that now includes: - “Security systems” – including access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection, video analytics and security and building systems integration technology; - “Monitoring and response services” – key holding, mobile security patrol and response services and alarm receiving and monitoring facilities; - “Secure facilities services” – integrated facilities services for entire sites or estates for commercial customers and governments; - “Risk management and consultancy services”, including mine detection and clearance services.

Snooping is also becoming a big part of our work. The company is, for example, paid for insurance claims investigations.


Whatever it is, if you're willing to pay, we will do it for you.

HCR Ilanga Security Services operates in all market segments and has a customer and staff centric philosophy. This is illustrated by our single point of contact account management program and our investment in staff training as an accredited Registered Training Organisation.


Our company values of Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion were carefully chosen and form the framework for our commitment to outstanding customer service as well as guiding our daily actions. We have are making significant investments in technology to ensure both our internal and external processes deliver outstanding customer service and real time information.



Company Mission

To protect as well as empower our local community by providing security that deters crime, keeps us safe and provides work and revenue for the local economy whilst striving to provide superior and exceptional security services across the board; making you and your property – private and business safe.


We are dedicated to being there for you when you need us. We provide professional, committed and skilled guards complimented by PSIRA registered and professionally dressed guards.


Company Vision

To be the number ONE Security Company in the country by offering new and innovative service options as well as providing service delivery that exceeds the norm and expectations of our clients, resulting in job creation and security whilst maintaining a good profit margin.


Company Services

HCR ILANGA SECURITY offers a diverse range of security options including:

• Armed guards

• Armed reaction

• Unarmed guards

• Patrol guards

• Private guards

• Armed escort

• Dog unit

• Car watch

• Events security and crowd control

• Investigation

• Alarm Response & Monitoring


Areas Covered

To ensure prompt response for our clients our geographical reach presently includes the whole of Gauteng. As the steady growth of HCR ILANGA SECURITY proceeds it will enable us to offer the same quick security response in ever areas beyond Gauteng.




Our list of clients is extensive and includes numerous housing estates, hospitality establishments, businesses and shopping centers.

Description of Business

HCR ILANGA SECURITY is a company that goes a lot further than simply responding to your security needs. By being proudly proactive and providing a full spectrum of security solutions we are able to meet our commitment to protecting and growing the two assets we consider most valuable i.e. our clients and employees. The ongoing rate of crime both to the public and private sectors is surely crippling our country.

HCR ILANGA SECURITY has diversified its range of services to meet the new challenges posed by crime along with even changing needs of our clients.

Sectors we provide services

HCR ILANGA SECURITY provides services to all sectors including:

• Churches

• Commercial clients

• Apartments

• Business parks

• Hospitals

• Industrial Clients

• Office building

• Hotels

• Restaurants

• Shopping Centers

• Warehouse

• Schools

• Construction sector

• Automobile dealers



HCR ILANGA SECURITY demands dedication from all level of management. Highly qualified and experienced management team forms the basic bone of our operations. Available 24hrs a day, we will be committed to client satisfaction and our service levels will unsurpassed in the industry.Our supervision and management backup and support are of a very high standard. During day period, our site will be visited by a dedicated area manager. During silent hours we will have a team of supervisors who will visit all our sites on a nightly basis at ad Hoc times. After hour visitation will also be conducted by our operations, field area manager.

Our security professionals are versatile and obliging. They’re selected to meet a variety of specific objectives. With a mix of static officers and security patrols.



We maintain stringent discipline. Personnel who report on duty under the influence of Alcohol, or improperly dressed with incomplete equipments won’t be posted at the client’s premises.

Our personnel receive incentives for reporting attempted bribes from perpetrators. We monitor a case from beginning to the end the satisfactory of the client.

We enforce the policy of ”RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED”.

Anti-bribery Incentives

Our personnel are rewarded for reporting bribery approaches. Our incentives scheme will encourage the reporting of acts of bribery and the controlled, monitored staging of “colluded” theft.



HCR ILANGA SECURITY SERVICES believes that communication is the key.

To success and professional service delivery in achieving this.

Our control room is in operation 24 hours every day.

Provision of two way radios on all sides

Management and supervisors are equipped with cellular phones so that they can be contacted on 24hr basis.



HCR ILANGA SECURITY, has highly trained and motivated  staff, who are always ready to provide youwith the highest quality security service on a consistent 24/7 basis!

HCR Ilanga Security Services, take considerable time and effort to train and prepare all of our guards before they're assigned to our client's post.

Security Officers(ARMED&UNARMED)

At HCR ILANGASECURITY, we deliver services requirement which we strive at satisfying through specific evaluations tailored for your needs.

This job is followed up by onsite training and continues supervision and professional development. Before a guard is employed and placed, the company insures the following:

Confirmation of guard’s crime free status with all relevant authorities.

Where necessary in possession of a valid firearm license.

Confirmation that guards has gone professional training and isPSIRA registered.



• Our security officers have references checks and were checked & verified.

• Some of our security officers are ex-police and veterans.

• Our Security Officers has valid South African ID’s OR valid Work Permits if Foreign.

• Our Security Officers completes daily activity reports.



In the exception of the normal security training, all our staff members are given training on the following soft skills courses:

• Absenteeism

• Chemical abuse

• Commitment

• Customer service

• Health and safety

• Listening

• Motivation

• Problem solving

• Productivity

• Stress

• Team work

• Time management


Our Fleet

We have a compliment of more than six dedicated patrol vehicles that we will use for any particular contract. We also use staff deployment mini buses. We pick and drop staff at every shift change over.


• Our security Officers must always be present at the job site 30 minutes before the actual time they are stationed there in order to get a thorough run down of the site and handover.

• HCR ILANGA Security does not condone any dishonesty in our business& a shift supervisor will coordinate the guards and shifts.

• Every guard is equipped with a radio or cell phone for easy communication purposes.



HCR Ilanga Security Services takes you far beyond common preconceptions about security. We provide total, tailor-made solutions. We’ll match our profile to the specific needs of your organisation.


Fully trained and part of your team, we’ll add flexibility and value.


HCR ILANGASECURITYwill monitor and control a case from beginning to end. This means that should the client wish to lay a criminal charge against a suspected perpetrator, the police, stateprosecutor will receive full dossier, sworn statement, investigation diary, evidence and exhibits. We believe the curbing of crime will enhance our relation with the public and the clients. And we believe that the information provided to you will also differentiate us from other companies, but will also assure you of quality and efficiency services we hope to provide.

Expect The Best.



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